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Report Misuse

We are always concerned of our client's safety and security of information at all times. And therefore, we are equally concerned with those at all times.

And so, the procedures, advice and the information that are given here are absolutely given in the good faith and are actually based as per our understanding of current legalities.

We therefore believe in the responsibility of organisation or an individual to make sure that each person complies with any interpretation or any other sort of statutory obligations at any time and place.

If any member finds or encounters any misuse of their data within must report instantly to the company so that frequent actions can be taken.

If any member found mistreating the private police also falls in this section too.

If any member encounters any unethical activity either by the staff or any member must report to call centre.

We will appreciate your concern and appropriate actions will be employed. Your concern is important to us for betterment of the services to community.