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Privacy Policy

General Info

Radha Soami Matrimonial basically commits the entire privacy if info of all our clients. That's why; we collect and distribute all the info as per the Canadian Privacy Act R.S.C., 1985, C.P-21 Act.

Our Privacy Policy basically adheres to the data stored by our portal at the time of users accessing our portal. This privacy statement (along with the terms and conditions and other documents) is based on the data collected from members, or from the data provided to us by the members. We process all this data.

When you agree to the usage of the products and services offered by us, you give us the permission to use all the personal information provided by you, in confirmation with the privacy policy of the company and the terms and conditions set out by us.

What Info Do We Collect

Ideally, we do collect only two kinds of data. First, we try and collect your personal identifiable information (PII) that basically represents that you are individuals. In other words, this kind of information gives us information about your identity as whether you are an individual or exist in the form of a company or any other group.

The other kind of information that we collect represents Non-Personally Identifiable Information (non-PII). It mainly consists of all the other info that may not actually represent you in any way. It's also known as personal or sensitive data.

We generally collect different types of information after you precisely visit our marriage portal. And so, we do collect all types of information after you visit our website.

We collect include your IP address, Internet service provider, platform type, exit pages, date and time. It also includes the number of clicks that a visitor makes.

Aggregate information

Apart from various types of information, we do also collect some other type of information that includes your personality profile from other members. This generally includes your religion, weight, height and some other details.

Along with that, it may also include your detailed information to all the prospective matches that you are looking for.